Step Six: Walk Through the Video of the Memory and Clear Out any Residue

After the client cannot identify any distress in the memory in Step Five, say something like one of the following:

  • “Now just flip through each frame of the memory one at a time looking for any left-over pieces of distress, even if it’s a tiny bit.  Let me know when you find the first piece of distress.”
  • “Now that you can’t find distress from looking outside in, let’s walk through the memory slowly like it’s a video you are playing from the beginning.  Let me know let me know the instant you find any distress, even if it’s a tiny bit.”

If there is any distress: “See whatever is distressing in this millisecond go into your container, see the container close, and push the container far out of your awareness.  Let me know when it is gone.” 

 When the client indicates that the memory is containered, quickly return to Step Four and do another round of calm scene with blinks.  Then, return to Step Six and ask: “Is there any heat remaining in that part of the memory that just had distress a moment ago?”  If there is any residual distress, return to Step Four for a round of calm scene with blinks.  Keep checking for distress in just that piece of the memory and send the client back to Step Four until there is no distress in that piece of the memory.

When there is no distress in that part of the memory, instruct the client to: “Play the memory forward and let me know as soon as you find the next link of distress.”  When the next piece of distress is found, keep doing loops between Step Four (the calm scene with blinks) and checking the distress of just this piece until the distress is gone in that piece.  Keep playing the memory forward until the client can play the full memory with no distress on any channel.

Sometimes the distress that comes at this stage may be in the form of thoughts, for example, “It’s just upsetting that it happenened.”  Put that thought in the container and it is likely to decrease in distress after a round or two of blinks in the calm scene.  Sometimes clients need to visualize thoughts being written into a piece of paper and see that paper go into the container in order make the thoughts concrete enough to container.

If the client is able to play all parts of the memory and there is no distress on any channel, then the memory is resolved.  Check-in with the memory next session to verify that all parts of the memory remain resolved.

Note: Do not be surprised if clients find pieces of the video of the memory in Step Six that still feel very distressing.  This is common.  They are likely to be metabolized quickly after several rounds in the calm scene with blinks.

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