Step Seven (Optional): Flash Future Template

The Flash future template allows you to easily leverage the work you just did when the memory resolved toward a future scene.

Examples where a Flash future template may be helpful:

  • Relationship (of any type) conflict that the client just resolved is likely to continue. Target a future incident of this person doing or saying something that is triggering and similar to the memory you just resolved.
  • Auto accident that you just worked on.  Target a future scene where the client is driving by the accident site sometime soon with the goal of not feeling panic.
  • Sexual assault memory that the client just resolved involves a particularly triggering aspect that affects the client’s current intimate relationship AND the client would like to desensitize that trigger further.  Target a future scene where the client is engaging in consensual sexual activity in which that trigger occurs.
  • Thanksgiving with family is highly triggering for many people.  Christmas happens 30 days later.  Same people, same racist uncle, different foods.  After resolving the memory of Thanksgiving, target the scene of Christmas.

In general, Flash future templates work better when past work has been resolved and you simply change the orientation to the future prong.  Again, the future scene should not be catastrophic (i.e. “now imagine your other child dies…,” etc).

Script: Since we have time, would you like to leverage the work that you just completed toward a potential future scene?  The future scene should be one that is likely to happen in the next few weeks and it shouldn’t be catastrophic.  Can you think of something that is related to the memory that you just completed that might happen in the next few weeks that would be helpful to try to calm down before it happens?

Engage in the following loop between A and B until the client can play the future scene and there is no distress on any channel:

A: Microactivate the Future Scenario

“Think very quickly about that future scene and see whatever is distressing about it in this millisecond go into your container.  Push your container out of your awareness.  Let me know when it is gone.”  When client indicates it is gone, go to the right column for more calm scene with blinks and continue looping between left and right columns until there is no distress in the future scene.

B: Do Calm Scene with Blinks

“Load up your calm scene and let me know when you are there…” When the client indicates they are there, say the word “blink” every five seconds for a duration of 30 seconds (exactly the same as you did in Step Four when working on the memory).  After 30 seconds in the calm scene with blinks, ask the client: “Were you able to stay in the calm scene?”  If activation intruded on the calm scene, container that activation and return to the calm scene with blinks, before returning to check the part of the memory that last intruded.

Wrap Up

End by playing the video of the future scene, containering any distress that appears, and doing rounds in the calm scene with blinks until the client can play the future scene with no distress.

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